Herlige hernesfjord på Hitra



Fishing in Hernesfjord, Hitra

Hernesfjord offers great opportunities for fishing. Freshwater fishing, deepsea fishing, trout fishing, salmon fishing, char fishing and so on, the opportunities are many in both the lakes and at the sea.

The Laugen lake flows into the Hernes fjord, this is a lake with traditional fish such as trout and char, but thanks to its location you may also find salmon, sea trout and eel here. Great place for fly fishing.

Hernesfjord is sheltered from stormy weather, this provides great opportunities for sea fishing, even when the sea shows his muscles. In Hernesfjord, you can fish for the most known coastal fishes which you also may find along the Norwegian coast, and if you desire to have greater depth for deepsea fishing, you will find that just outside of the fjord.